cimne in latin america

CIMNE is represented in Latin America by the CIMNE Iberoamérica Foundation (CIMNE Iber).

CIMNE Iber is located at the city of Salta in Argentina. It was created in 2020 with strong support from the University of Salta and other local academic organizations in the region. It is also supported by the CIMNE Classroom in University of Salta.

The director of CIMNE Iber is Prof. Sergio Oller, a Full Research Professor at CIMNE for over 25 years.

To achieve the above objectives FCL performs the following activities in the field of Latin American countries.

CIMNE Iber aims to developing and disseminating research activities in the field of numerical methods in engineering in cooperation with CIMNE and other academic organizations. It has also a strong vocation for supporting industry in the development of innovative solutions.

CIMNE Iber will also play an important role in fostering and coordinating tha activities of the CIMNE Classroom Network in the Latin American region.