International branches

The formal establishment of CIMNE in Latin America has been initiated by creating a Foundation to foster the activity of CIMNE in that region.

CIMNE Iber is located in the city of Salta (Argentina). The activity of CIMNE in the region is coordinated by professor Sergio Oller Martínez.

CIMNE has promoted the creation of a non-profit corporation CIMNE-USA with the aim of fostering the scientific and technological activities of CIMNE in that country. CIMNE-USA has taken different initiatives to launch RTD projects in the US in cooperation with universities, research centers and enterprises in that country.

Dr. David Cranmer, CIMNE US Acting Executive Director, is a senior scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and advisor of many US companies. Dr. Varadaraju (Raju) Gandikota has recently been appointed CIMNE US Scientific Director.