Equality plan

Since the beginning of its activity, CIMNE has promoted a policy of equal opportunities and non-discrimination in its people management system. The centre understands that excellence has to be achieved through high-level results in the field of research, training and knowledge transfer, by providing all the available talent and offering a social commitment in the actions carried out by the entity.

In May 2016, the centre detailed these policies in an equal opportunity plan with the objective to promote the incorporation of women into scientific research, generating a structural and cultural change in scientific institutions. Also, this initiative aims to give visibility to the talent of women in the field of engineering.

In 2022, the centre has renewed its desire to continue working against gender bias and promote the role of women within its institution, as can be seen in the Plan approved in July 2022 [CIMNE Equality Plan 2022-2026] by the center's management team.

In order to give voice to the queries and suggestions to achieve improvements in this sense, the centre provides to the CIMNE community a suggestion box.