cimne in usa

CIMNE-USA is an educational and scientific research organization, affiliated with the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE).

CIMNE-USA conducts scientific research and development in advanced numerical methods and applications of those methods to solve engineering problems; conduct educational activities related to advanced numerical methods; and engage in other activities consistent with being an educational and scientific research organization.

Specifically, the corporation organizes and delivers courses, workshops and seminars in advanced numerical methods ; participates in national and international conferences and symposia on advanced numerical methods, participates in CIMNE Classrooms in cooperation with U.S. and international universities; participates in and/or leads scientific research and development projects supported by government, foundation and industry sources; supports visiting researchers and interns (financially and otherwise).

The research and development projects are conducted in basic R&D, sectorial-focused R&D and cross-cutting R&D. The basic R&D area includes, but is not limited to advances in basic numerical methods, solid and structural mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, stochastic methods, materials, optimization methods, electromagnetics and geomechanics.

The sectorial R&D focuses on the needs of specific sectors of science, engineering and industry. Specific fields of engineering include, but are not limited to, aerospace, civil, energy and environment, manufacturing, marine and naval, food, biomedical, and economics and social science models. The cross-cutting areas include pre- and post-processing software and methods, artificial intelligence and information and communications technologies. This work will advance the state-of-the-art in modeling and simulation by providing new methods and techniques for solving complex engineering problems.

CIMNE-USA organizes and delivers courses, workshops and seminars in advanced numerical methods.