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CIMNE has wide experience in tutoring PhDs UPC-CIMNE Doctoral Programs on Numerical Methods in Engineering.

Since 1987, some 300 researchers have completed their PhD at CIMNE, 60 PhDs completed in 2016-20. Currently, 50 PhDs develop their doctoral training at CIMNE.

The PhD Programs are coordinated and supported by professors and lecturers that are members of UPC Faculty and sustained by them and the researchers in the CIMNE RTD areas and Groups.

The official PhD degrees are awarded by the UPC Doctoral School.

The Programs provide training at doctoral level in advanced techniques in scientific disciplines for the modelling of engineering problems. This is the basis of high tech engineering design for a broad spectrum of applications (civil, industrial, aerospace, naval, environmental, mechanical, biological, etc.).

The research activity developed within these PhD Programs has significant impact on both science and industry and produces a large number of research activities and is accompanied by strong international cooperation.

AQuThe UPC-CIMNE PhD Programs have all the quality and excellence accreditation labels from the Spanish Ministry of Education and the Catalan University Quality Assessment Agency.

CIMNE has been selected as a Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence for the period 2019-2023. This is the highest level of recognition of excellence and leadership awarded to a research center in Spain. A significant part of the research effort during this period is being channeled through the PhD Programs.


A Personnel Career Development Plan is established for each researcher together with his/her supervisor to define the research training program and the RTD objectives that best suit the researcher needs.

CIMNE endorses an equal opportunity plan with the objective of promoting the incorporation of women into scientific research, generating a structural and cultural change in scientific institutions. Also, this initiative aims to give visibility to the talent of women in the field of engineering.