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Gender Equality Index

The European Institute for Gender Equality provides us the Gender Equality Index both for the average of the European Union and by country. With 68.6 out of 100 points, the European Union has a long way to reach gender equality. Since 2010, the EU’s score has increased by 5.5 points. Since 2019, the EU’s score has increased by 0.6 points. According to this indicator, Catalonia is ninth in gender equality in Europe. [Read more]

11F 2022

Four CIMNE women researchers participate at #100tífiques

Within #100tífiques initiative, CIMNE women researchers África Marrero, Florencia Lazzari, Laura González-Blanco and Naeria Navarro gave informative talks in schools of Catalonia. [Read interview]


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In December 2015, an UNESCO resolution established February 11th as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science in Science to recognize the critical role played by women and girls in science and technology. According to data from this international body, less than 30% of scientific researchers in the world are women, despite the fact that science and gender equality are fundamental.

Successfully tackling the challenges of the Sustainable Development Agenda will depend on harnessing all talents.
That means getting more women into these fields.