Number Reading Author Title Directors Programme Qualification
1 27/01/2023 Parada, Samuel Development of fractional step methods for compressible flow solvers using Variational Multi-Scale finite element formulations Codina, Ramon
Baiges, Joan
UPC-Civil Engineering -
2 10/02/2023 Jaqués, Irene Visco-plasticity of zero-thickness interfaces with softening, and application to the study of fault reactivation Carol, Ignacio UPC-Soil Engineering -
3 28/03/2023 Muñoz, Felipe Framework for an eXtended Reality (XR) solution for holistic safety management in construction Oñate, Eugenio
Mora, Javier
UPC-Civil Engineering Excellent Cum Laude
4 05/05/2023 Narváez, Christian Towards Computational Modeling of ElectroHydroDynamics in Microfluidics-Based Manufacturing Ryzhakov, Pavel
Pons Prats, Jordi
UPC-Structural Analysis -
5 24/07/2023 Castañar, Inocencio Topology optimization of incompressible structures for fluid-structure interaction problems Baiges, Joan
Codina, Ramon
UPC-Civil Engineering -
6 16/10/2023 Fabra, Arnau Modeling of the mixed form of wave problems with correcting terms based on training artificial neural networks: Application to acoustic black holes Codina, Ramon
Baiges, Joan
UPC-Structural Analysis Excellent Cum Laude