Coupled multi-physical analyses of porous media. Application to radioactive waste disposal.

Numerical analysis of large-scale infrastructure projects.

Advance image analysis techniques for laboratory experiments in soils including large displacements and deformations. Measurements of degree of saturation based on infrared-images.

Multi scale analysis of low-carbon soil binders.

Unsaturated Soil Mechanics. Experimental and theoretical advances. Application to embankments, dams and radioactive waste disposal.

Rockfill Mechanics. Particle breakage. Relative humidity effect. DEM modelling.

Multi-scale experiments and analyses of geomaterials.

Multi-physics experiments and modelling of geomaterials.

Crystal Growth in Anhydritic Rocks. Swelling and structure interaction.

Analysis and modelling of tailings dams.

DEM and PFEM modelling of soil structure interaction.

Thermal-hydro-mechanical large deformation problems in porous media. Development of a Material Point Method open source code.

Cracking in desiccating soils.