RESEARCH LINES Computational Fluid Dynamics
Research Topic Principal Investigator
Stabilized finite element methods for problems involving waves, viscoelastic flows, compressible flows, shallow water flows, magneto-hydro-dynamics and approximation of eigenvalues. R. Codina
Fractional step schemes for incompressible flows R. Codina
Weak imposition of boundary conditions. R. Codina
Meshless methods in CFD S. Idelsohn
E. Oñate
FEM and particle methods for multifluids, flow in porous media and free surface flows. S. Idelsohn
R. Codina
R. Rossi
FEM and meshless methods for aerodynamics analysis and drag reduction in aeronautics. J. Pons
E. Ortega
FEM and particle methods for ship hydrodynamics and aero/hydrodynamics analysis of marine structures (offshore platforms, wind tower structures, wave energy production, etc). J. Garcia
FEM and particle methods for blood flow and air flow in lungs R. Rossi
E. Soudah
Relevant Publications

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