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Short course on numerical modelling in Oil&Gas

Published: 11/04/2016

April 13-15th, 2016. The course is composed by four sessions: Lecture 1: Wednesday, 13th April (10-12h) / Lecture 2: Wednesday, 13th April (12-14h) / Lecture 3: Thursday, 14th April (15-17h) / Lecture 4: Friday, 15th April (12-14h). 

Place: B1 001 Room, B1 Building, Campus Nord UPC.

Course description


Advances in exploration and production of oil & gas has required better use of multi-disciplinary engineering, analytical and numerical modeling. The emphasis to reduce uncertainty in finding oil & gas, failures, costs and most importantly improve safety has driven the industry to adopt and depend on numerical modeling and simulations. This short course will provide an overview of the basics of oil & gas exploration, drilling and completions (upstream) and illustrate how numerical modeling and simulations are used. The course will also provide an overview of the major numerical modeling methods and practices used in the upstream side of oil & gas industry.


Raju Gandikota, Scientific Director of CIMNE-USA, is also Vice President at MindMesh Inc. Gandikota is an expert on computational engineering. Also, he has extensive industrial experience in the field through positions in Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. and, now, as Vice President at MindMesh Inc. (Houston). Gandikota is specialized in fostering and developing innovation across industry sectors including oil and gas, transportation, electronics and automotive, product portfolio management with proven expertise in introducing, implementing and managing new technologies within organizations.

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