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SIE, the energy accounting platform marketed by the spin-off Inergy, extends to public companies and municipalities of Navarra

Published: 02/11/2021

The Government of Navarra has expanded the SIE energy accounting system implemented since 2019 to know in detail the energy performance of all the buildings that constitute its public heritage. It has now signed a new multi-year service contract, by which it extends this energy accounting system to public companies and municipalities and expands its functionalities to include the management of self-consumption, among others.

In addition to the management of energy self-consumption, the new system incorporates other applications for advice on energy supplies, the monitoring of consumption from telemetry data and the management and monitoring of energy and renewable saving and efficiency plans in public government buildings.


With the progressive implementation of the SIE viewer application, a simplified version of the SIE energy accounting system, the municipalities of Navarra will have a tool for energy accounting and GHG emissions at the municipal level. It will also be possible to analyze the impact of the support measures of the Foral Government of Navarra and it will facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the Action Plans for Sustainable Energy and Climate (PACES), currently under development in over one hundred city councils of the Foral Community.

The Government of Navarra will incorporate a specific self-consumption management module that will allow the monitoring and supervision of its facilities. Thanks to the capture and loading of energy generation data, the generation and self-consumption accounting can be carried out. This way, you can take advantage of the energy's self-consumption to consume your own energy, share it, store it or pour it into the system.

In order to inform, raise awareness and encourage citizen participation, Navarra will launch a local energy portal that will report on the energy consumption of the participating municipalities.

About SIE

SIE, the application developed by the unit of energy efficiency of CIMNE, BeeGroup, jointly with RSM Gassó Auditores, is an Energy Information System that allows the management of the energy in organizations with many points of consumption. The objectives of this application are to reduce their consumption and economic cost. Also, the use of this system is a way to minimize the CO2 emissions related to energy.