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The OKO R&D Manager gives a talk about R+D+i to Domus Vi Foundation students

Published: 26/11/2018

Mr. Ángel Priegue, OKO R+D+i Manager, has given a talk about R+D+i within the Course of University Experts in Leadership and Management of Care Centers and Dependency Services. This training activity is a result of a collaboration between Domus Vi Foundation and the University of Barcelona. The programme is taught in the UL3-UB centre over five months with six sessions in total that make up the program structured in modules of 2.5 to 3 hours.

The talk addressed the concepts of research, development and innovation and how successful commercial application is a requirement for real innovation. The OKO case was described as a product born in a research centre and its transfer to the market through CIMNE Technology.

DomusVi is the largest network of centres and services for people. It is part of the international group in charge of the main European operators of dependency care. It offers specialized care to elderly people and people with mental health or disability problems, and its workers will instruct the participants in the course.

This degree, unique in the sector, is the one that responds to the growing need for specialization in the care of the elderly and disabled and has the official academic recognition of University Expert (15 ECTS) was born with the aim of offering excellence in the training of company employees. The Corporate University of DomusVi is the first university of its kind in the sector of dependency care in Spain.

Domus Vi
Ángel Priegue, OKO R+D+i manager, (in the second row, third from right) with the students of the Course of University Experts in Leadership and Management of Care Centers and Dependency Services