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Intense activity of the GID Team on the social networks

Published: 24/10/2017

GiD the universal, adaptive and user-friendly pre and postprocessor for numerical simulations in science and engineering developed by CIMNE has just reached 150 followers both on Twitter and Linkedin.

The development team has an intense activity on the social networks and has posted some 350 tweets on Twitter and some 200 updates on Linkedin since it has joined to these social networks in 2015. On these social networks the user of the software can find news and tips about the software. Anna Monros, research engineer and community manager of GID, ensures: "The social media bring us a method to open a contact channel with GiD users in both ways. In one way, we regularly post news, tips and use cases of GiD improving the user loyalty and arousing the interest in more people. And, in the other way, we get the users feedback which is a great resource for us because it largely influences in the improvements and innovations of GiD".