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The International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering has an office in the island of Ibiza since 2009.

The R+D+I activities of the named CIMNE-IBIZA has been mainly focused in the development and application of the prediction methods related to the environment, the energy efficiency and the management of the tourist activities with information and communication technologies.

The activities of CIMNE-IBIZA has been carried out mainly in collaboration with researchers and technologist of CIMNE, the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), The University of the Balearic Islands (UIC) and the Centre of Advanced Studies (CEAV) created in Ibiza in 2005 on the iniciative of researchers from the Island Council of Ibiza, CIMNE, the UIB and other Spanish universities and UNESCO (the CEAV ended its existence due to lack of economic resources in 2015). It has also been counted with the support of several spin-off companies of CIMNE ( )

Among the CIMNE-IBIZA's outstanding R & D projects, there are studies for the maintenance and regeneration of the Posidonia plant for applications in the improvement of water quality in ports, studies of urban and interurban acoustics, studies to promote the use of carob tree, design and construction of inflatable structures for musical events, development of a website for the promotion of tourist activities on the island ( ) and development of web devices to support tourist activities in hotels and restaurants ( ).

The CIMNE-IBIZA office has collaborated in the organization of various International and scientific meetings. The most highlighted were the periodic meetings of the committees of the Spanish Society of Numerical Methods in Engineering (SEMNI) and the European Community on Computational Methods in Engineering and Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS) , the FEM-Class of 42 held at its headquarters from the UIB to Ibiza in 2002 in homage to a series of prestigious professors from various countries on the occasion of their 60th anniversary and the international conferences promoted by the CIMNE on Coupled Problems in Science and Engineering, held at the Santa Eulàlia conference hall to 2007 and 2013 (with participation of 520 scientists and engineers).

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