Sunday, September 26, 2021
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AREAS & GROUPSPre and Post-Processing Group

The Pre and Postprocessing Group works on the development of advanced methods for efficient generation of data for numerical simulations and visualization of computational results. These include:

  • Geometry creation, importation and edition (CAD).
  • Mesh generation.
  • Interfacing between preprocessor, solvers and postprocessor.
  • Visualization of huge amount of data in a 3D environment.
  • Advanced visualization techniques for stereoscopic and realistic visualization.

This is a clearly transversal RTD group inside CIMNE, as most of the other departments are closely linked with us because of their needs in terms of pre and post-processing. In particular, there is a strong link with the Biomechanics Group , as we collaborate in the development of a platform for the treatment of digital images.

The main commercial product of the group is the software GiD , which is a universal pre and postprocessor able to be connected with several numerical simulation codes and provide them with several advanced tools in the geometry creation and edition, mesh generation, assignation of data to the geometry or mesh, advanced visualization tools, and results visualization. Visit our web site in order to get more info about GiD.

Some examples of pre and postprocessing features using GiD in numerical simulations of several engineering fields: Watch PlayList in Youtube

More detailed examples can be found at

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