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Superblocks and AVs in Barcelona
The researcher from the CENIT Group for Innovation in Multimodal Transport at CIMNE, Samra Sarwar, has published the article "Analysis of superblocks during the transition phase from traditional vehicles to a fully automated vehicle environment: A case study of Barcelona City" in the scientific jour...

Computer vision for drowning prevention
LAIF is a predictive aquatic surveillance system that works using computer vision technology. It analyses different patterns of behaviour of people in an aquatic environment and should be able to detect behaviour compatible with drowning. Once detected, it will generate an alarm for subsequent actio...

Energy Efficiency Platform by EN-TRACK
By mid-July, the research consortium of the EU-funded project EN-TRACK announced the first public release of the energy efficiency platform. After two years of collaboration with partners and data collection from pilots in Spain and Bulgaria, EN-TRACK is now seeking valuable feedback from external s...

Interview to Xavier Tort Farrés, a new member of the SECCO2 project team
We interviewed Xavier Tort Farrés, a newcomer researcher at CIMNE. This summer, he joined the team working on the SECCO2 project. He is a civil engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC BarcelonaTech), where he is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in C...

Call for applications - ERC Starting grants
The ERC’s 2024 Work Programme has been recently adopted by the European Commission. The plan includes a new call for Starting grants for early-career scientist who has already produced excellent supervised work. Starting Grants may be awarded up to € 1.5 million ...

CIMNE takes part at Dedalus project
CIMNE participates at Dedalus project, an EU-funded project with a partnership of 23 institutions and companies. Within the programme Horizon Europe (2021-2027), Dedalus will design, develop and demonstrate SSH-driven multi-value energy carrier-agnostic micro (home/apartment)-to macro (building &...

1 - 6 [139]