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CIMNE launches Virtual Lab, an open-source software which imitates an universal press

CIMNE has just launched the Virtual Lab program which simulates an universal press in a very friendly and intuitive graphical environment based on GiD and in which the user can perform destructive compression, traction, shear and bending tests with normalized or free-form specimens. This code is fre...


CIMNE presents its four projects eligibles at the upcoming FPI call for predoctoral researchers

It is about to open (expected to be launched in October 2022) the call for applications to FPI, aids to predoctoral contracts for the training of doctors funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation through the Agency State of Research. There are two type of aids, one linked to Severo Oc...


Eugenio Oñate, elected corresponding member of Cuban Academy of Sciences

On 18th August, 2022, Prof. Eugenio Oñate was elected as Corresponding Member of the Cuban Academy of Sciences. Prof. Oñate is a professor at Civil Engineering School of Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC) and founder and vicepresident of CIMNE. The cooperation of ...


Intense activity of CENIT group in international forums of transport

The researchers of the CENIT - Group for Innovation in Multimodal Transport are participating these days in different forums of transport. Their intense activity can be followed from the social networks of the group. In this article we summarize some of these events and invitate you stay t...


How to convert recycled plastic from cars in graphene?

National Geographic Spain has published an interesting article about how to produce graphene from recycled plastic. According the article, plastic waste from cars could have a second useful life in the form of graphene thanks to the development of a new recycling technique. The source of the articl...


Samra Sarwar presents her work at the European Transport Conference 2022

The researcher Samra Sarwar from CENIT, the group for Innovation in Multimodal Transport of CIMNE, will be presenting her work at the European Transport Conference 2022 that will take place in Milan (Italy). Sarwar will participate in the area of Transport, Economics, Finance an Appraisal and, in s...

1 - 6 [137]