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CIMNE scientists, editors of a special issue of the Journal of Marine Science

CIMNE scientists Pavel Ryzhakov, Julio Martí and Mohammad Reza Hashemi have been on charge of the edition of an special issue of Journal of Marine Science and Engineering about coupled CFD problems. The issue is entitled "Advances in Numerical Modeling of Coupled CFD Problems and Applications...


New concrete dam fracture video using GID Simulation

GID Simulation, the pre and post processing software for numerical simulation, has recently published in its social networks a new video about a concrete dam fracture simulation. The video shows the deformation of the dam using contour lines. Watch more simulation videos Go to GID Simulation webs...


Desalination CIMNE´s pilot project at PLOCAN

Authorities visit to the pilot plant On 6th March, 2022, the president of Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres Pérez, has visited the Canary Ocean Platform (PLOCAN) located at Telde (Gran Canaria). Among other projects, he has visited the desalination pilot plant in which CIMNE ...


Pianos Vius carries the music to hospitals

Dr. Abel Coll playing the piano Hospitals are a place where emotions are at their peak and where music can help channel them in the best possible way. Pianos Vius collaborates with hospitals by providing them with a piano and / or filling them with music thanks to the Pianistes Vius network. They ...


Sant Vicenç dels Horts signs an agreement with CIMNE to promote smart city solutions

In its approach to became an smart city, Sant Vicenç dels Horts City Council has signed a framework agreement with CIMNE. The research and development centre in computational engineering has been the technological partner chosen by this municipality to carry out the techologies addressed to p...


CIMNE delivers the final technical report on the Brumadinho disaster to the Brazilian Prosecutor´s Office

On January 25, 2019, a mining waste dam of the company Vale SA suddenly collapsed, generating a tsunami of millions of cubic meters of water and toxic mud over the region. It is the biggest environmental disaster in the history of Brazil and 270 people lost their lives in the tragedy. The Federal P...

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