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3rd International Symposium Aulas CIMNE
The Third International Symposium on CIMNE Joint-labs will take place from May 11 to 12, 2023, in a hybrid format (face-to-face and remote) from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00 (UTC-6). The face-to-face part will be at CIMAT. The event is supported by the International Centre for Numerical M...

CIMNE Summer School / Jacques-Louis Lions Spanish-French School on Numerical Simulations in Physics & Engineering
Registration to the XX edition of the Jacques-Louis Lions (JLL) Spanish-French School on Numerical Simulations in Physics & Engineering is open. The series of Jacques-Louis Lions Spanish-French School are an initiative of SEMA and SMAI. ECCOMAS is taking t...

Workshop on Innovative Scientific/Technical Approaches for a Climate Neutral Air Transport
Civil air transport has been a steadily growing sector. Its operation contributes about 2.4 % of the global CO² emissions. This high-tech transport sector has the ambitious goal of becoming CO²-neutral by 2050. For reaching this challenging target, all relevant technologies need to be add...

CENIT gives a training course about the distribution of the last mille
From 21 to 30 November 2022, CENIT, the group for Innovation in Multimodal Transport of CIMNE, will give a training a course about the distribution of the last mille. The distribution of the last mile is one of the main problems of cities. This course offers to the attendees the necessary knowledge ...

8th edition "Course of positive energy buildings. Beyond the nZEB"
How the buildings of the future will be like?Why it is important to improve the energy efficiency of buildings? These questions will be answered in this training. The couse will explain the climate emergency situation is and the role what buildings play in the energy transition. During the differ...

Course “Use of Explosives in Public Works”
CIMNE collaborates in the organization of the course “Use of Explosives in Public Works” from 25 to 29 April 2022. It will take place at the Barcelona School of Civil Engineering and it will address the use of industrial explosives in certain phases of the construction of public works, o...

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