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PFEM launches its new website

The CIMNE webpage on the Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM) has been updated. The page contains detailed descriptions of theory and applications of the PFEM, an updated bibliographic review of the method and new multimedia content! Please, visit the new PFEM webpage at


Inergy will manage more than 2,800 electricity and gas supply catalan points with SIE

Inergy, spin-off company of CIMNE, has been the awardee of the tender called by the Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN) for the contracting of the Information and Validation Service for the Government of Catalonia’s energy bills (SIME). The service includes the analysis and verification of cons...


CIMNE is preparing field testing at PLOCAN for isolated locations application of Cool Steam

Cool Steam is  is a desalination technology developed by the ICT-Natura department of CIMNE together with Fresh Water Nature spin-off. It is being tested on pilot scale at different field sites in order to evaluate its viability to produce affordable potable water on isolated locati...


Professor Xavier Sànchez-Vila, in Forbes list of top 50 most awarded spaniards

Professor Xavier Sànchez-Vila, leader of the Hydrogeology Research Group of CIMNE and Director of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Technical University of Catalonia, has been ranked in the 50th position of the Forbes list of the top 50 most awarded Spaniards. The Forb...


Prof. Enrique Romero has been elected as the new Chair of TC106 of ISSMGE

Prof. Enrique Romero, director of research (UPC·BarcelonaTech) and affiliated researcher (full research professor) at Geomechanics Group of CIMNE, was elected as the new Chair of TC106, the Technical Committee on Unsaturated Soils of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnic...


Success of "Futuros Ingenieros", a Youtube Channel promoted by a CIMNE researcher

Alejandro Cornejo is a postdoctoral researcher at Structural Mechanics group of CIMNE. His research is focused on the improvement of the FEM-DEM methodology for Fluid-Solid Interaction applied to industrial processes. But, in addition to being a researcher, Alejandro is also a scientific disseminato...

1 - 6 [79]