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CIMNE-Beegroup will participate at Sustainable Places 2022

On 7th September, 2022, CIMNE-Beegroup will be partipating at the "Learnings from across the EU: Smart Meter Rollup", a workshop which aims to promote and disseminate learnings about the pros and cons of various approaches to rolling out smart meters across the EU, taking Spain, Bulgaria, and the UK...


Fatigue4Light H2020: synergy actions

Recently, Fatigue4Light project has started different cooperation and collaboration activities with projects working on the development of solutions to promote a more sustainable and greener mobility and Electric Vehicles construction, based on eco-design and circular economy values, in or...


Application of Blockchain and IOT technologies to energy efficiency: Results of the EKATE project

At the end of May 2022 has finished the EKATE project, an EU-funded project by ERDF funds within the Interreg POCTEFA programme coordinated by ESTIA. CIMNE has participated in this project which consisted in the investigation for the management of Photovoltaic Electric Energy in the cross-border are...


NextSim: the next generation aerodynamic simulation code for extreme-scale parallel computing platforms is coming

The NextSim project ( CODA: Next Generation of Industrial Aerodynamic Simulation Code), funded by the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking and supported by the research and innovation programmes of Spain, France and Germany, is working to develop the next generation of Computational...


BeePV: Massive photovoltaic optimization by Beedata

The Building Energy and Environment Group at CIMNE has developed BeePV, a tool to allow the massive prospection and optimisation of PV solar systems. The differential factor is the integration of the hourly electricity consumption profile of each client, providing personalised reports according to t...


Lucia Barbu leads the project Fatigue4Light about advanced materials for chassis weight reduction

Lucia Barbu (Braila, Romania, 1985) is an Assistant Research Professor at CIMNE and an Associate Professor at Technical University of Catalonia. Since the beginning of this month, she is leading the European Project Fatigue4Light, which consists of the study of advanced materials for chassis weight ...

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