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Javier Bonet, the new director of CIMNE

Professor Javier Bonet has started on May 16th as the new General Director of CIMNE. He joins CIMNE taking over from Professor Eugenio Oñate, CIMNE’s founding director and current Vice-president of the Governing Council. “It is a great honour, but also a huge challenge. I hope tha...


Fallecimiento de Francisca García-Sicilia / Death of Francisca García-Sicilia

Escribo estas líneas con gran pesar, al haber recibido la triste noticia del fallecimiento de Francisca García-Sicilia la mañana del 18 de mayo. En el momento de su muerte estaba acompañada de sus dos hijos Chincho y Yosco, de sus nietos y de otros familiares cercanos. Un...


Training for researchers: ´Elevator pitches´ for postdocs presentations

CIMNE's PostDoc Advisory Unit Severo Ochoa is organizing today a workshop with 20 CIMNE postdocs at the main premises of CIMNE at the UPC North Campus. The objectives are create community and to have a glimpse of postdocs' work. The event consists on a 5' talk per participant plus 5&#...


Farewell of Eugenio Oñate to directors of CERCA centres

Prof. Eugenio Oñate during his speech at CERCA meeting WORDS BY EUGENIO OÑATE, DIRECTOR OF CIMNE, AT THE MEETING OF THE INSTITUTION OF RESEARCH CENTRES OF CATALONIA (CERCA) ON MARCH 11, 2022 Dear colleagues, The first item on the Agenda for today's meeting is the recognition of ...


March 14th: International Mathematics Day

In 2019, resolution from the UNESCO proclaimed March 14th of each year as International Mathematics Day. In many countries, March 14th has already been celebrated as Pi Day, so the UNESCO resolution consolidates the current recognition of mathematics for its important role in facing the challenges o...


8M: International Women´s Day!

On the occassion of the International Women's Day, CIMNE has launched an Special Newsletter where you can find figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INE, according its acronym in Spanish) collected. Them gives us some knowledge about the gender digital gap or the women r...

1 - 6 [146]