Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Resiltrack: Resilience of railway infrastructures against Climate Change

In April, 17th, 2018, the kick-off meeting of the project Resiltrack has been taken place in the COMSA premises in Barcelona. The project entitled "Resilience of railway infrastructures against Climate Change" (Resiltrack, according its acronym in Spanish) is a very ambitious Spanish strategic project funded by the Centre for Industrial Technology Development (CDTI) under the CIEN programme, the most important call for innovation projects in Spain, intended to be large tractor projects that mark the future in the Spanish innovation with international relevance.

The main objective of Resiltrack is to design a system to monitor in real time the state of the railway infrastructure, and to provide the mechanisms to anticipate adverse weather phenomena and determine the actions to mitigate their effects, creating a new generation of resilient railway infrastructures prepared for the potential effects associated with climate change. This is one of the EU's priorities, and also crucial for the rest of the world. This system will be built thanks to latest ICT technologies such as IoT (WSN, advanced sensoring), GIS, Decision Support Systems (for a Smart Maintenance), BIM, Big Data, Predictive/Preventive Maintenance, Life Cycle Thinking, among many others.

Resiltrack is coordinated by COMSA, the first largest unlisted Spanish group in the infrastructures and engineering sector. This project was born at the Railgrup premises, as part of its cluster activities and particularly thanks to the vision of his manager, Dr. Ignasi Gómez Belinchón.

The project partnership includes some of the most important companies in Spain in the railway and ICT engineering sector, such as CEMOSA, Retevision, Telice, Magtel and Estudios GIS, as well as four reputed research institutions in these areas such as Tecnalia, Leitat, Universidad de Málaga and CIMNE.


This is a four year project starting in January, 1st, 2018 and ending in December, 31st, 2021, with a total budget of 5,5 M€.

The project will intend also to be the seed for a branch of new innovations and projects in the full adoption of the digitalization for the railway infrastructures and maintenance processes.

Some additional information: RESILTRACK-Kick-off-CIMNE

Contact Person: Prof. Industrial Eng. Óscar Fruitós, Industrial Processes - CIMNE