CIMNE partipates at the Science Week 2021

Published: 28/10/2021

CIMNE organizes a seminar on November 12th in the framework of Science Week 2021. Framed within the thematic area "International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development", the centre will hold a talk on how the study of Mesoscale marine variability in the Catalan sea has led to the creation of a new vacuum distillation technology.

Inundaciones SC2021

This is Cool Stream, a technology that came out of the study of evaporation and condensation. Cool Stream is a desalination technology based on a multistage vacuum distillation process taking advantage of the surplus energy from industrial processes or nature, that can effectively produce fresh water from (even highly concentrated) salted (brackish or seawater).

The technology works at low temperature and requires a very low overall temperature gradient, which makes it possible to use low grade heat sources.