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LASH FIRE project launches a new report

Published: 18/06/2021

The new report launched by the project LASH FIRE is titled "Study and analysis of regulations, accident investigations and stakeholders for bridge alarm panel design". Based on results from the Firesafe II and SEBRA projects, one area of fire-safety related design that is in particular need of attention is fire alarm system interface design.

The aim of this LASH FIRE deliverable D7.1 report is to research development needs in terms of usability and systems integration for fire alarm system interfaces and to turn this knowledge into design requirements that will inform subsequent conceptual and physical design of a fire information management system in LASH FIRE.

Written fully by LASH FIRE project coordinator RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, the full report is still awaiting official approval from the European Commission, but you can already access it on LASH FIRE deliverables page: