Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Eugenio Oñate delivers a Piola Lecture at University of Pavia

Prof. Eugenio Oñate, director of CIMNE, presented on March 7th 2019 the 3rd edition of the Piola Lecture at the University of Pavia. The lecture was entitled "Advances on the coupling of particle-based methods and the FEM for analysis of multidisciplinary problems in engineering". The previous two editions of the Piola Lecture were delivered by Prof. T.J.R Hughes (University of Texas at Austin) and Prof. R.L. Taylor (University of California at Berkeley).

The Piola Lecture Series are organized by the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of University of Pavia, directed by Prof. Alessandro Reali.

Eo Pavia
E. Oñate presenting the Piola Lecture

Eo Pavia
E. Oñate receiving the plaque commemorating the 3rd Piola Lecture from Prof. Fabio Rugge, rector of University of Pavia, in presence of Prof. Ferdinando Auricchio (Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Pavia)

Eo Pavia
Image of the plaque commemorating the 3rd Piola Lecture