Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Compass IS launches Tdyn v15

Compass IS has recently launched the newTdyn v15, a complete CAE simulation tool, providing solution for nearly any engineering calculation need including structural analysisfluid and porous media flow dynamicsheat transfermulti-physicscoupled problems and sea-keeping. At the core of Tdyn v15 technology there are more than 15 years of Compass's accumulated experience in technical consultancy and simulation software development.

Tdyn v15 environment and GUI are conceived to loop-in with the engineering projects’ flow, increasing the productivity and helping optimize the designs. Tdyn provides a variety of tools for interacting with the analyses, achieving the level of control required over the verifying and design processes.   

Tdyn v15 offers higher computation speed, an improved and attractive graphic user interface and new post-processing tools. Among the different new features of this version, the new composite material model ‘Serial/Parallel RoM’ stands out, allowing the accurate analysis of non-linear behaviour and different failure modes, as well as providing local damage factors for laminated composites. Moreover, laminated materials creation user interface has been enhanced, including improvements in the materials’ library.

As another added capability, Tdyn v15 incorporates a new tool for direct import of CAD/CAE structural models in FORAN format.

As always, the advanced features of Tdyn v15 come together with a personalized and professional technical support service.

Compass IS, a spin-off company of CIMNE, also provides a wide offer of services in the naval architecture and marine engineering fields, ranging from feasibility and assessment studies to the global design and building management.