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Inergy and CIMNE work with the IIGE to promote energy efficiency in Ecuador

Published: 23/11/2018

The Geological and Energy Research Institute (IIGE, according to its acronym in Spanish) has recently implemented the Energy Information System of Buildings in Ecuador developed by Inergy and BeeGroup of CIMNE. Through this tool, the institution analyses 502 buildings of the coastal zone of the country and the Galapagos.

The goal of the IIGE is to generate ways of electricity savings in buildings in Ecuador. The director of the institution, Martín Cordovez, asked for the support of the public and private sectors to access the information to complete the development of the tool. The energy analysis of the buildings will continue in a second phase in the provinces of the Sierra and the Amazon, to know the reality of national electricity consumption and create actions for its optimization.

According to the study, the sector that consumes the most energy in the country by the use of processors, storage centres, cooling equipment, among other devices, is telecommunications. It has to be highlighted that 18 of 502 buildings studied were telecommunications and its average consumption is 342 kWh m2.


In the media:"Telecomunicaciones es el sector de mayor consumo de electricidad en el país"