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A delegation of the Government of Catalonia visits CIMNE

Published: 19/10/2018

On  October 17th, 2018, a delegation of the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia visited the premises of CIMNE at the UPC North Campus in Barcelona. The delegation was formed by Ms. Marta Felip, General Secretary of Business and Knowledge, Prof. Xavier Grau, Secretary of Universities and Research; Prof. Joan Gómez, General Director of Research, and Dr. Lluís Rovira, director of the CERCA Centres Network.  The meeting was also attended by Prof. Francesc Torres, Rector of UPC; Prof. Pedro Díez, Scientific Director of CIMNE and Director of the Civil Engineering School of UPC; Prof. Gabriel Bugeda, Vicerector of Scientific Policy of UPC; Prof. Josep Dolz, Director of Flumen Institute; Mr. Javier Marcipar, CEO of CIMNE Tecnología S.A. and Ms. Anna Font, General Manager of CIMNE.

During the meeting Prof. Eugenio Oñate, director of CIMNE, explained the history and the main research activities of the centre, as well as its organization and funding structure.

The act ended with a visit to the B0 building and its terrace, where an inflatable structure designed by PMS, one of the spin-off companies of CIMNE Tecnología SA, is installed.

The participants in the meeting at the reception of CIMNE premises at C1 building. From left to right: Prof. G. Bugeda (UPC/CIMNE), Ms. A. Font (CIMNE), Dr. Ll. Rovira (CERCA), Prof. J. Gómez (Gencat), Prof. X. Grau (Gencat), Ms. M. Felip (Gencat), Prof. F. Torres (UPC), Prof. E. Oñate (CIMNE), Prof. J. Dolz (Flumen Institute), Prof. P. Díez (UPC/CIMNE), Mr. J. Marcipar (CIMNE Tecnología). Foto: @recercat

Presentation by Prof. E. Oñate

Prof. E. Oñate explaining the presence of CIMNE in the world

The participants in the meeting under the inflatable pavilion located at the terrace of the CIMNE B0 building.  From left to right: Mr. J. Marcipar (CIMNE Tecnología), Prof. J. Dolz (Flumen Institute), Prof. E. Oñate (CIMNE), Prof. F. Torres (UPC), Ms. M. Felip (Gencat), Prof. X. Grau (Gencat), Prof. J. Gómez -behind- (Gencat), Prof. G. Bugeda (UPC/CIMNE), Prof. P. Díez (UPC/CIMNE)