Sunday, October 17, 2021
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CIMNE collaborates in the stability studies of the right slope of Yesa reservoir

CIMNE will participate in the project for a stability study of the right bank of Yesa reservoir tendered by the Government of Navarra to Geoconsult. The project consists of the geotechnical analysis of the unstable slope and its interaction with the dam. The work involves the definition of a geotechnical, hydrogeological and seismotectonical numerical model in two- and three-dimensions to evaluate the slope and the dam behaviour under different hypothesis regarding reservoir operation and the works for the heightening of the dam.

Embalse Yesa

A research group from CIMNE will work in the project under the direction of Prof. E. Alonso (Geomechanics Group). In addition, Profs. X. Sánchez (Geomechanics Group) and A. Barbat (Risk Assessment Group) will collaborate as assessors.

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