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Visit of Prince Dr. Turki Al Saud, president of KACST, to CIMNE

Published: 25/06/2018

On 25th June, 2018, the Prince Dr. Turki Al Saud, president of the King Abdulah City of Science of Technology (KACST), visited CIMNE and UPC. Dr. Al Saud was accompanied by Dr. Anas Alfaris, Deputy Director of the Joint Centers of Excellence Program at KACST. 

A delegation of CIMNE leaded by Prof. Eugenio Oñate, director of the centre, and formed by Prof. Riccardo Rossi, Dr. Antonia Larese, Prof. Sergio Idelsohn, Prof. Xavier Oliver, Dr. Francisco Zárate and Mr. Miguel Ángel Celigueta, participed in the reception. During the visit it was agreed the start up of R&D projects between CIMNE and KACST related to finite element and particle methods developed at CIMNE for applications in civil engineering, manufacturing processes, design of meta-materials and environmental risk issues.

visit CIMNE Prince doctor Turki Al Saud
From left to right: Dr. R. Rossi, Dr. A. Larese, Prof. S. Idelsohn, Dr. A. Alfaris, Dr. T. Al Saud,  Prof. X. Oliver, Dr. F. Zárate, Prof. E.Oñate and Mr. M.A. Celigueta.

In the meeting it was also discussed the collaboration ways between CIMNE Tecnología SA and TAQNIA, the companies for technology transfer of CIMNE and KACST, respectively.

The visit to CIMNE was followed by a visit to the UPC rector office. There the KACST delegation, accompanied by Prof. E. Oñate, was welcome by the UPC rector (Prof. Francesc Torres), the UPC vice-rector for Scientific Policy (Prof. Gabriel Bugeda) and the director of the School of Civil Engineering of UPC (Prof. Pedro Diez). During the meeting the KAST and UPC officers exchanged information on the main figures and activities of the two organizations and the opportunities for joint research activities in collaboration with CIMNE were identified. The possibilities of collaboration with UPC were also explored in the form of training exchanges with students and graduates of KACST and UPC.

Dr. Al Saud is also president of several technology investment funds in Saudi Arabia. He holds a PhD in aerospace engineering by Standford University (USA) and for some time he has supported this university with important annual contributions for the development of R&D projects in aeronautical engineering. Dr. Charbel Farhat, from the Department of Aerospace Engineering of Stanford University and a regular collaborator of CIMNE, introduced Dr. Al Saud to Prof. Oñate during his visit to Saudi Arabia in November 2017.

visit CIMNE Prince doctor Turki Al Saud
From left to right: Prof. E. Oñate, Dr. A. Alfaris, Prof. F. Torres (UPC rector), Dr. T. Al Saud, Prof. P. Díez (director of School of Civil Engineering), Prof. G. Bugeda (UPC vice-rector for Scientific Policy)