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CIMNE Beegroup leads an international cooperation project for energy efficiency in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

Published: 21/06/2017

InergyA project funded by the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for the Development (AECID) and leaded by the Building, Energy and Environment Group (Beegroup) aims to boost the technology transfer in energy management for public equipments between Spanish organizations and ecuadorian institutions. Inergy, a spin-off of CIMNE,  will be in charge of transfer to the ecuadorian institutions its experience in the implementation of accountancy systems and management of supplies in more than 250 Spanish organizations.

The project considers the adaptation of the management software SIE to the ecuadorian context and its implementation in more than 500 public buildings in the ecuadorian coast and the Galapagos Islands. After that, it will be installed a monitoring system addressed to local municipalities to participate in the specific measures for saving and energy efficiency.

This project will benefit to the three levels of government of the country (central, provincial and municipal), thanks to a big data platform designed by Beegroup that will contribute to the massive treatment of energy data of the buildings. A new online platform, that interacts with SIE, will allow to analyse the energy consumption of the buildings, contributing to improve their energy management and the creation of new saving policies. Therefore this project will promote the National Plan for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (PLANEER) of the country.

The project will help to strengthen the research, development and innovation capacities of the National Institute of Energy Efficiency and Renewables Energies (INER) of Ecuador through the know-how transfer in energy management and technological joint developments by Beegroup and Inergy.