Sunday, September 26, 2021
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CIMNE researchers exceed the 50000 citations on Google Scholar

The account of CIMNE on Google Scholar has overtaken the 50000 citations, more precisely has obtained 51905 (information as on June 8th).

The most cited paper is A constitutive model for partially saturated soils” (1990), with 2133 citations and authored by the Full Research Professors at CIMNE Prof. Eduardo E. Alonso, Prof. Antonio Gens and Prof. Alejandro Josa; followed by “A plastic-damage model for concrete” (1989), with 1636 citations and written by Prof. Jacob Lubliner, from the University of Berkeley, and co-authored by Oñate and two other Full Research Professors at CIMNE Sergio Oller and Javier Oliver. 

The list of the first three is completed by “A finite point method in computational mechanics. Applications to convective transport and fluid flow” (1996) by Prof. Eugenio Oñate and co-authored by Prof. Sergio Idelsohn (CIMNE), Prof. Olgierd C. Zienkiewicz (University of Swansea –RIP–) and Prof. Robert L. Taylor (University of Berkeley).