Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Francesc Verdugo obtains a Beatriu Pinós fellowship

VerdugoOn May 25th, 2017, the researcher at CIMNE Francesc Verdugo has been awarded a Beatriu Pinós Postdoctoral Fellowship.

The researcher will work at the CIMNE's Large Scale Scientific Computing group (LSSC) and, though this fellowship, will address some of the major computational challenges currently hindering the fast and accurate simulation of 3D printing processes. Verdugo welcomed the obtaining of this fellowship as “an excellent opportunity” to establish his research career in Barcelona after his recent 2-year post-doc stay at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) at the Institute for Computational Mechanics (LNM).

The scientific areas covered by this research plan span from novel high performance finite element methods able to efficiently exploit modern supercomputers with hundreds of thousands of processor units, embedded finite element formulations for effectively capturing the complex geometries able to be manufactured with 3D printers, and the speed-up of computer simulations with highly scalable domain-decomposition solvers and adaptive mesh refinement.

The project outcomes are expected to contribute to reduce the operational costs of metal-based 3D printing in real-world industrial applications by minimizing the need of expensive and time-consuming experiments for validating the manufactured products.

This work will benefit from the synergy with ongoing RTD projects at CIMNE on the area of 3D printing like the EU projects CaxMan and EMUSIC, an the latest work of the CIMNE's Large Scale Scientific Computing group (LSSC) in the development of the high performance finite element code FEMPAR.