Sunday, September 26, 2021
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The formal establishment of CIMNE in Latin America has been initiated by creating a Foundation to foster the activity of CIMNE in that region. The CIMNE-Latin American Foundation (FCL) is located in the city of Santa Fe (Argentina), the place where the first CIMNE Classroom in the Latin American region was created in cooperation with the University of Litoral. 
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Aulas CIMNE’s 6th General Meeting April 30th 2015

The 6th General Meeting of Aulas CIMNE was held on April 30th 2015 at the Instituto Tecnológi...

Signature of the creation of Aula ITBA-CIMNE in Buenos Aires (Argentina)The Aulas CIMNE Network has ...
VIII Congreso Argentino de Presas y Aprovechamientos Hidroeléctricos, April 2015, Argentina

The Argentine Committee on Dams (CAP) and the Faculty of Engineering and Water Sciences (FICH) of th...
Inauguration of the UNER-CIMNE Classroom, Oro Verde- Argentina

M.Sc. Bioing. Gerardo G. Gentiletti, Dean of the Facultad de Ingeniería of the Universidad de...
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