CSD: 2-D & 3-D linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analysis. Various constitutive models (elasticity, plasticity, damage, fracture...). Elements library (beams, trusses, solids, shells, membranes, etc.)

CFD: 2-D & 3-D Navier-Stokes equations. Incompressible or compressible flows. Transient analysis. Laminar or turbulent flows. Lagrangian, Eulerian and ALE formulation. Elemental and edge-based implementations. Various methods for treating free-surface flows. Various stabilization techniques (OSS, ASGS, FIC, SUPG, ...).

Thermal problems: 2-D & 3-D conduction, convection and radiation. Transientsolutions. Coupling to fluids and structures. Various stabilization techniques.

FSI: Partitioned and monolithic approaches. Strong and weak couplings. Dynamic underrelaxation techniques (Aitken), interface Laplacian techniques. Embedded technologies.

Particle Methods: PFEM 2-D and 3-D Solution of Free Surfaces Flows, FSI and Excavation problems. Discrete Element Method (DEM). Mesh genereation units. Tetrahedra/triangular and spherical meshers. Optimized neighbour search algorithms (bins, kd-trees, octress, ...)

Linear Solvers library: Multiple direct and iterative linear solvers (CG, SuperLU, SkyLine, BiCG, ...)

Parallel kernel: MPI and OpenMP support.