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GID launches a new version that includes Chinese language

GID, the software developed by the Pre and Processing Group of CIMNE that covers all the common needs in the numerical simulation field from pre to post processing, has launched a new version. The new GiD14.0.4 official version has been released and is ready to download&nbs...


10th GiD Convention (online)

Next July 20th, 2020, will take place the GiD Convention, an event organized by the GiD Team, with the objective to bring together users and developers of GiD pre/post processing system in order to exchange ideas and experiences on the generation of data for computer simulation...


7th GiD Convention

7th GiD Convention took place on July, 17th and 18th, in Barcelona. First day (17th), on the workshop, was discussed advanced topics related with pre and post processing and news on GiD 12 version were presented. Second day (18th) was devoted to courses and let the opportunity ...


GiD in Recerca en Directe

The Pre and Post Processor GiD has been part in Recerca en Directe, an exhibition of current research that aims to contribute to improving the scientific literacy of our society showing to the public the research that is currently being developed in Barcelona and making people get to the c...


Korean delegation visited CIMNE

On January 20th 2014, a Korean delegation formed for the following persons visited CIMNE: Prof. Jae-Guen Yang (Inha Univ.), Prof. Myung-Jae Lee (Chung-Ang Univ.), Prof. Kangmin Lee (Chungnam National Univ.), Prof. Joo-Woo Kim (Semyung Univ.) and Dr. Seong-Eun Kim (Korean Soiety of Steel Construction...


8th GID Convention – Barcelona, 1/3 June 2016

The 8th GiD Convention will be held from 1st to 3rd June 2016 in Barcelona. The objective of this event is to bring together users and developers of GiD pre/post processing system in order to exchange ideas and experiences on the generation of data for computer simulation and the graphic visualizati...