Sunday, September 26, 2021
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biomechanics and health


Alberto Tena investigates on an ICT solution for early detection of ELA

CIMNE ICT researcher Alberto Tena has appeared in a recent post of the Bellvitge Hospital’s blog that highlights the research that he is carrying out in the development of his doctoral thesis in Information Technology and Engineering Program (University of Lleida in collaboration with the Uni...


Agustina Giuliodori joins CIMNE to create a new generation of catheters by using numerical methods within the Anaconda's project

The biomedical engineer Agustina Giuliodori from the National University of Córdoba (Argentina) has just joined CIMNE as a PhD Student. Engineer Giuliodori will carry out her doctorate in Civil Engineering during the next few years, under the direction of Dr. Eduardo Soudah and Dr. ...


CIMNE, technological partner in REALQUIRUR project

CIMNE participates as a technological partner in the REALQUIRUR, a project promoted by the J. Torrent Institute and has received funding from the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) of more than € 200,000. This project consists of applying augmented reality in open hepati...



Multiscale representation and analysis of the human body. Developed by CIMNE. Website


Health App

App to control eating disorders. Developed by HealthApp in cooperation with CIMNE. Marketed by HealthApp S.L. since 2014. Website