Cimne winter school

CIMNE Winter School

CIMNE Winter School takes all its participants on an excursion into Computational Methods. It is a five days course where the travellers have a first glance at some basic aspects on computational methods, such as linear algebra, continuum mechanics or the basics of the FEM; and will sample interdisciplinary disciplines such as High-Performance Computing, optimization and machine learning. The course also takes a look into key research topics such as good programming practices, bibliography search and communication skills.

CIMNE Winter School has been specially designed for PhD students taking their first steps into Computational Methods research disciplines, as well as for engineers and scientists aiming to have a first taste on Computational Methods. All of you are warmly welcomed.

The course was given by CIMNE researchers with extensive investigation and teaching experience. It was held virtually during the last week of January 2022: from the 24th to the 28th. For those of you that cannot attend the course in person, it was possible to follow it on streaming. All participants receive a certificate of attendance.